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Início » Fortnite » Fortnite and the “free taxi” glitch for go directly to Adventure 140 in Save The World

Fortnite and the “free taxi” glitch for go directly to Adventure 140 in Save The World

Fortnite Aventura Frionite capa 22-11
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With the new Fortnite adventure starting this week at Save the World, I discovered that there are players who choose to try to “cut corners” to quickly level up in the adventure.

And with that there are glitches, like the one in the videos below, with one of them adding specific bots and getting a ride.

And with a good damage build it’s not that difficult for the player to be able to do well on alert, gaining a lot of XP and leveling up super-fast.

Fortnite - Fazendo missão de reabastecimento na Aventura - 22-11

But this, in my opinion, becomes a general problem with what I’ve been noticing in Fortnite’s adventures. If the player ends up starting to play the adventure later or doesn’t “rush” the adventure in the first few days, it becomes especially difficult to get more players in future alerts.

Because players are starting to become scarce. And for those who enjoy playing co-op, like me, there are barely any players, even in other regions with high ping. And this makes it especially difficult to level up in the adventure.

I consider the adventure more boring to play than the traditional Save the World. It’s commendable to have this game mode rotated to add extra challenges and interesting rewards (like super charges!), but trying to do some alerts alone, with weapons that aren’t upgraded, becomes a tedious grind. As tense as Twine Peaks’ 160 alerts.

In these early days, with more players, it ends up being really cool that most of the alerts always have a lot of players in some regions. But then lower difficulty alerts end up being avoided by several players.

If there is one feature that could be had in adventures, it is the possibility of having random matchmaking in an alert with more players, just like what happens on traditional maps with the “Find Players” option (which has an icon right at the base). It would be easier for players to level up.

And they could also have a rotation of rewards: upon reaching level 50, the level should return to 1 and restart progression, maintaining the rewards at the levels (mainly super charges and rare items). But the problem with this approach is that it could cause alerts on other traditional maps to stop having players, and players could end up trying to level up too quickly in the adventure to have more and more supercharges and other items, “infinitely”. There is no easy suggestion for Epic.

Fortnite - Fazendo missão na Aventura - 22-11

For now, enjoy the first days of the adventure and also do the themed tasks to get characters, tickets to buy llamas, etc.

Oh, and about the ride glitches? I can’t say if they still work (since there was an update this week, and they fixed some bugs), but if you’re going to do it, do it at your own risk. I prefer to take the adventure gradually and go as far as I can. Video games have to be fun and there are times when Save the World isn’t very fun. And I pay attention to the game and I play it quite often, but I end up focusing much more on the v-bucks alerts.